Boy Shakira Causes Uproar at America's Got Talent; Episode Guide Live

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Two weeks ago, it was Sharon Osbourne.

Last night, it was David Hasselhoff.

What's with judges on America's Got Talent storming off simply because the rest of the panel doesn't agree? Granted, it's hard to argue with the Hoff's downcast opinion on Boy Shakira (pictured), but storming away from the cameras because Osbounce and Piers Morgan sent him through seemed a tad immature.

Boy Shakira

What else transpired on the country's top-rated reality show last night? Check out our episode guide now and read for yourself.

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i love him, I love him. Poor David I feel so sorry for you. Do you hate all gays with that much passion. It like to hate because you yourself have a little sugar in your tank. Char


I love love love him. David is so frighten of him, because David has gayness in his blood and wish he had to guts to do half of much. David i feel so very sorry for you. Char


Stick a fork in me I'm done. When they keep Boy Shakira & that Strange Indian? Dancer????? only God knows why??? & get rid of that young man who sang "You Raised Me Up" or the young woman who sang the Alicia Keyes song.I no longer care to see talent being sacraficed for strange ridiculas garbage. Hoff was right.It's a shame it could have been a excellent show. Instead of a irratating mess. A very disapointed Cindie