Joshua Morrow Speaks on The Young and the Restless Character, Angle

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As The Young and the Restless heads into its fall season, Joshua Morrow spoke with Sony Pictures about the direction of his character.

"Now he is trying to raise two young children, Noah and Summer, and look out for Phyllis' (Michelle Stafford) teenage son, Daniel (Michael Graziadei),” Morrow said. “He is also trying to get back into the swing of things at work. Nick is trying to figure his life out. It's difficult but he is trying to make things work. "

Nick is also struggling with memory loss, along with the feelings that were stirred up when he and his former wife, Sharon (Sharon Case), inadvertently locked lips while trapped in a vault. These are interesting times, Morrow continued, as Nick is torn between two women and the aftermath of his near-death encounter.

"I would say that he is not nearly confused as he was,” The Young and the Restless actor said. “Over time, he has realized that his feelings for Phyllis were very real. He came back and everyone was telling him what is life is like and he doesn't believe it because he only remembers his life with Sharon. He starts to see that his life with Phyllis is the real deal and remembers why he fell in love with her.

She is this amazing wife and mother. He hasn't decided, with his heart, that he should be with Phyllis because of his feelings for Sharon but he is moving in that direction."

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hey, i'm a HUGE FAN of Y@R and I am sooo dissapointed in the continuing Nick and phyllis story. I HATE her. I think she is a mean, selfish homewrecking SLUT! I want her to do the show a service and leave or rott in jail! I am also disgusted with who the writers are turning Nick in to. He was a flawed husband to Sharon, but committed. Now he's spineless and has a very bad case of hot pants and has lost the respect of many audience viewers. Great storylines boost ratings. So. have Nick and Sharon re-connect, re-committ and pull through and overcome the heartbreak, infidelity and the massive hell of the past 2 years and the bomb that is Summer and bring back the Nick a fan can love and admire. Not a bed-hopping, lying, wish-washy jerk.


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