Sabrina Bryan Blogs About Dancing with the Stars

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We're still in shock over last night's Dancing with the Stars results.

Sabrina Bryan, though, is taking it like a professional. She blogged about her experience on the show and People magazine published her words:

Sabrina Bryan and Mark BallasOn learning two dances in one week: We got a chance to be rockers for the group dance number. Mentally, it was a little bit tough because we were going at such a rapid speed. I was learning the fox trot and I'd be fine and then he'd take me back to the first part of it and I wouldn't remember it. It was hard for me to retain it. I was freaking out a little.

On getting ready for the fox trot: Mark Ballas wanted to do a whole elegant, classic look and he told me that he wanted my hair simple. He didn't want anything funky with it. He wanted it nice and clean. Mark had the idea of bringing in velvet, which was actually the first time on Dancing with the Stars.

On handling stress: When I am stressed my No. 1 reliever is my music. I have crazy, crazy psycho music. I've got house music. I've got slowâ€"I call it AM motivation music for when you wake up in the morning and you just need calm. No one else can talk and you just want to listen to music and have sssshhhh time.

On what she's taking from her Dancing with the Stars experience: Every minute and every memory I'm taking with me. I'm just pulling this into my heart and capturing it. I'm never going to let it go. I had such an amazing time with Mark. It's not the end for us.

It's not like, "Peace out, Dog. It was great!" It's not like that at all! The friendships - Melanie B. and Jennie Garth are my girls! I love them.

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