Farah Fath Faces One Life to Live Interrogation

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Farah Fath Pic
Farah Fath is fitting in very nicely on One Life to Live.

But the actress spent eight years on Days of Our Lives - and Soap Opera Digest was curious to find out how much she knew about her new series:

Digest: Who is Asa Buchanan?
Fath: He died and he was like the grandfather of everybody.

Digest: How many Emmy Awards does Erika Slezak (Viki) have?
Fath: Six.

Digest: Who is the original actor to play Todd?
Fath: Roger Howarth.

Digest: Who is the original actress to play Marty?
Fath: Susan Haskell.

Digest: And who was Marty's husband who died?
Fath: No idea.
Digest: Patrick Thornhart and he was Irish. He was Cole's dad.

Did you know those answers, readers?

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