Laura Wright Nervous to Act Alongside Sarah Brown

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With Sarah Brown on her way back to General Hospital, one actress is especially nervous about working with the legend:

Laura Wright.

After all, she's the one who has inherited the role once portrays Carly, the role once played by Brown.

“I have to tell you I'm a little intimidated,” Wright told Soap Opera Digest. "I can see it now - the first scene I shoot with her I'm going to be like, 'Oh, my God. Is that okay?' What'd you think?' She originated this groundbreaking character. She's got to be a little bit like, ‘Don't do that !’

Playing against someone that strong as an actress? God help me rise to the occasion.”

Laura Wright Picture

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Laura Wright is by far the best Carly that General Hospital has ever had. I don't think that Sarah Brown could pull off the Carly anymore the character has changed so much since she has been on the show and I feel that nobody could ever replace Laura as Carly she has made the role what it is today. But I do this Sarah is perfect as Claudia she's absolutely brilliant in that character plus she has gotten pretty fit since she was last on the show.


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I always liked Sarah Brown and Laura Wright and i still do. I apsalotley love them both and I think their both pretty.


I alwaysliked Sarah Brown, when she left, I was so surprised how Tamara Braun took over, they w3ere both terrific. But, surprisingly. Laura Wright has made Carly HER role, she brings so much into the character, she is Carly. Always enjoy when you are on screen.


I cant wait for Sarah to come back, she is my fave Carly, and she will be great in whatever role she is in


Laura needn't worry! Sarah may have originated Carly, but Laura has completed her! She has found the heart of Carly and lost the hard edge. Still strong as steel, Laura has allowed Carly to come into her own bringing sophistication and wisdom from her hard-learned lessons; and a gentle compassion wrapped in fierce love for her family and friends. Still has fire, still has passion; but also has a grace not seen before.