Maksim Chmerkovskiy to Remain on Dancing with the Stars

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Maksim Chmerkovskiy Photo

Just a few days after railing against Hollywood and claiming he wouldn't return to Dancing with the Stars, Maksim Chmerkovskiy has changed his mind.

"When I read the article, I was like, 'ah… what have I said?' It was very tear-jerky for me," the hunky professional said. "I'm honored to be part of this show, and the most important thing is the promotion of ballroom dance.

When I had a free moment, I read all the e-mails and looked at my fan site and people were just devastated, to say the least. I didn't mean to do that."

After being overwhelmed by fan support, Chmerkovskiy says those in his corner can rest assured: he'll back next season!

"I never had fans outside of my family. People were tuning in to see what I was going to do next, and that, to me, is mind-boggling. I'm not used to that kind of attention. In our ballroom world, we don't have fans like that. But a lot of people, when they found out that I was supposedly quitting the show, there was a ridiculous amount of support."

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My 9 y.o. grandaughter and I are avid
Maksim fans ! She is totally convinced she is in love with him. We were devastated when we heard he was'nt going to be on DWTS this season. Matter of fact she says she's not watching this year because he's not going to be on. So you can imagine her reaction when I told her he was coming back next season, and that he would be doing some of the pro dances this year. Needless to say, now she's going to watch this season so she can see her Maks.


Ilove watchiung Maks,he is wonerdrful and easy on the eyes!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!you goMAKS


When I heard Maksim wasn't returning to DWTS I was sick! Even though I enjoy watching some of the other professional dancers, Maks is the main reason I watch. I love his passion and admire his talent. His personality has really blossomed over the years...thanks especially to Mel! Next year...the trophy will be Maks'!


i am so so so so so glad maks will stay on dancing with the stars! he is the best dancer, the hottest guy, and says the most adorable things. i don't know if i would want to watch dancing with the stars w/out maks.


Maksim is the main reason I watch "Dancing With the Stars". If he were not to return next season, it wouldn't be the same. He is a wonderful dancer and has just enough of an "attitude" to make him worth watching.