Victoria Rowell Blasts The Young and the Restless

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Victoria Rowell did not leave The Young and the Restless on very good terms. Below, she discusses the show with TV Guide Canada.

TV Guide: Have you watched The Young and the Restless since you left? Are you watching the show? Would you go back; and have they even asked you back?
VR: Let’s put it this way: I was told by a friend on-set that I’d have to be voted back in! How’s that for an exclusive? I found it ghastly, to be honest. By the way, I loved Jack Smith’s writing! Smith’s show was clearly an extension of Bell’s show and legacy.

TV Guide: What do you think The Young and the Restless' creator, the late, great William Bell, who created Drucilla, would think of the state of The Young and the Restless these days now that it’s run by fear and committee?
VR: I think what made William Bell such an extraordinary and unique writer is that he embraced the natural, raw gift that an actor brought to the table.

He was masterful at extracting the natural nuance of the character and actor at the same time. What do I think he would think of the show right now? I haven’t watched The Young and the Restless since I left because I’ve been on the road on a book tour for 200 days.

TV Guide: Currently, Drucilla is being mentioned on the show: Neil is dating Karen, played by Nia Peeples, and LML (Latham) is teasing viewers with passive aggressive insinuations that somehow Drucilla is haunting the relationship or she is, at the very least, somehow related to Karen. It feels rather manipulative and mean to me since you’re not coming back to the show.

It’s like they’re just teasing us and capitalizing on your popularity just because they can. LML is pouring salt on our wounds.
VR: I heard Nia was on the show, yes, but I can’t comment because I haven’t seen any of it.

TV Guide: So the big question: would you consider coming back to the show in the future?
VR: Clearly, I needed to take a break because the show wasn’t making sense. But I must say, for the first time in my career, I’ve been on the road with Y&R fans all over North America and I can’t tell you how wonderful and educational it’s been to interface with the viewers, who have watched me for twenty years in prime time, daytime and film.

To look people in the eyes and hear what they really think [and not through focus groups]. I never said never about daytime. It’s a medium that has been loyal to me. I’m coming to the end of the book tour and as I said, a little birdie told me that I had to be voted back on the show, which I will say is stunning.

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Sheis never coming back to that shitty show and good for her.

@ Daron

I agree. The show kinda sucks now. It's not worth setting your DVR.


Y&R is a drag without Victoria.... Makes no sense anymore I think jealously has a big part of her not yet return to Y&R....She was the heart of the show and they all know it


Keep hitting the road Drucilla, no need to apply at Y&R. Hate and racism not needed there.


The show need to bring back Victoria Rowell, Lily need her more than ever, she's facing life or death, and this would be a great time for her mother (Drucilla)to come in and capture her tears.
This will surely cause young and restless rating to shoot straight to the top, and place a smile on many fans heart




Bring Drucilla back we need her more now then ever. This is the perfect time to have her work her gift that she has been presented with. Again BRIND DRU BACK!


Never return to that piece of trash. The story line is as horrible as ever. Men are gutless and cannot make a 2008 decision and women are all needy and with out a firm stand on anything. You don't need it.


I think that losing victoria rowell was a big mistake to the show. I was a fan of nia when I was younger, but she is no dru... if the world can't see no other waman with victr, then that's the same way I feel about neil. their family has been in the shadow of y & R for years... down playing their potential as actors was they are casting any one to gain a younger audience. I use to be very upset if I missed an episode,since dru left I could care less what's going on with y & r.


I really miss Dru. You could tell by the end that her character personality had changed and I really wondered what that was I know. Her character was raw and I really enjoyed her. No matter how high she rose in society on the soap, when you got her mad, you could see the "sista-girl" come out in her. She really kept it real. Miss you


I am glad Drucilla is gone, she was loud and stupid!!


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See, I only work out so I can eat doughnuts.


That was Victor's doing. It was purely personal. Believe me, old moneybags is going to eat his words. The magazine is gonna do great, and beauty of nature will be left in the dust.