Edyta Sliwinska Talks About Dancing with the Stars Tour

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TV Guide recently spoke with Edyta Sliwinska on her current stint during the Dancing with the Stars tour...

TVGuide.com: What's the difference between training for the show and rehearsing for the tour?
Edyta Sliwinska: Rehearsing for the tour is more mentally tiring, because you have to be here many, many hours. When you're competing on the show, you train physically very hard for three hours, for example, but then you are done. Here, we have to spend the whole day in rehearsals, eight hours, and maybe it's not so intense, but it's eight hours of being on your feet.

TVGuide.com: When you're on the road with [former partner Joey Lawrence], do you two fall right back into step, or do you have to teach him all over again?
Sliwinska: Oh, no, I do have to teach Joey. We have all new routines. He's in great shape. He's a freak about his body. So I'm not worried about that. But I am worried that he's going to forget stuff.

Edyta Sliwinska Photo

TVGuide.com: The celebrities find that their bodies change very quickly when they stop dancing. Does that happen to you, too?
Sliwinska: What's changing is that I'm going up and down in weight very quickly. If I have a couple of days off, I can gain quickly. But when I'm dancing, I can lose five or ten pounds in a week.

TVGuide.com: When do you find out if you'll be dancing Season 6, which starts on March 17?
Sliwinska: We only find out two weeks before the training starts. We're released from our contract if we're not picked up for the show. But I love the show. It's kind of comfortable to have [dancers] who know what they're doing, and then once in a while, to bring in a new [pro] dancer.

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Definitely not Elena!!! Elena isn't that pretty. Have you seen her without makeup? OMG...She is horrible looking with really bad teeth.


Which picture? the one in the center of the article above? that pic is actually from edyta's personal website, it's definitely her :)


That isn't Edyta in the picture, that is Elena Grinenko, Tony Dovalani's professional partner. She partnered with Clyde Drexler in season 4.