General Hospital Rumors, Spoilers: Sam Fingers Elizabeth

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Here are a few General Hospital rumors for upcoming episodes:

Could Sam's accident affect the custody situation? Maybe. There are some rumors that Sam will finger Elizabeth as the one who hit her (even though Sam really has no idea who was behind the wheel). Sources go on to state that Elizabeth might end up arrested, with Lucky being awarded custody of Cameron and Jake.

So, the big question would be: Is Sam acting out of revenge when she says Liz hit her?

General Hospital Rumors, Spoilers: Sam Fingers Elizabeth

We're hearing that Sam may overhear Elizabeth tell Jason she thinks she may have hit Sam. Read more GH rumors now...

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this hole story line is stupid. sam should not tell not because of elizabeth but so see wont be blamed for nothing else about that bitch. i think liz tells jason that sam is gonna tell the cops,jason leves to go talk to sam .ofcorse sam already knows why jason's is there,and she explain's that theres know point for him being there and liz is gonna get what she deserve they get in a argruement sam start to have a little pain on her side jason ask is she ok holding her side leaning on the desk saying im find jason phone rings its liz wanted to know did he get through to her he looks at sam and then turns his back talking to liz on the phone.and for sam things get wrose the pain gets stronger and she collapse jason runs over to her picks her up and takes her to the hospital liz and lucky are there talking then jason brings her in yelling for help.

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