Pamela Payton-Wright Dishes on Changes to One Life to Live Character

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Addie Cramer has spent the past 15 years at St. Ann's. That made is a huge shock for fans see her on Christmas Eve, seemingly normal and up-to-date with the latest fashion trends.

Actress Pamela Payton-Wright, who originated the One Life to Live character in the 1991, said she's still getting used to the sudden turn-around, as she's come back to the series on a recurring basis.

"I would say I've learned more in the past six weeks than I did in 15 years because it was like barnstorming, there was so much done,” Payton-Wright told Soap Opera Digest. “I'd say nine cases out of 10, I have my back to the camera — I don't know where the camera is. I don't understand it! Where is the audience?”

But don't take this for complaining from the star. The comeback has given her the opportunity to take on a more challenging, enjoyable task.

"I just love it,” she exclaimed. "It's just been a wonderful thing from the time I came. But this is really challenging and I love a challenge."

One of the perks of portraying a dramatically different Addie on One Life to Live is the broader wardrobe selection.

"Every day there's a new outfit that's outrageous,” Payton-Wright said. “She's got a list of more than 400 things that she wants to do and they're all sort of challenging, and she dresses the part. I'm a little bit like that myself."

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