David Chisum: New to Soap Operas

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David Chisum joined the cast of One Life to Live last year. Before that, daytime television wasn't exactly on his schedule.

“I never watched soap operas,” the actor said to eyeonsoaps.com. “Probably because I wasn't home during the days and no one in my family watched the soaps. I began to study them when I started auditioning for the soaps.”

Chisum took on the role of Miles Laurence last February and become a valuable member of the show's core since then, playing major roles in story lines such as the death of Marty Saybrooke (Christina Chambers).

“After Marty's death any hope of impressing Marty and perhaps having some kind of understanding between them has gone,” Chisum said. “I believe Miles really loved Marty and wanted to be a good husband to her but was terribly ill equipped. I think Miles has been slowly redeemed and needs to shed the guilt while moving forward with his life.”

Moving forward, Chisum is interested in what One Life to Live fans have to say about where they want his character to go.

“Miles is a unique character in that he is limitless in the potential storylines,” he said. “The beauty in playing the character is that he can be unpredictable and naïve. I would like to know what Miles fans and [One Life to Live viewers] want from Miles. I'm interested to know what fans are interested in seeing Miles experience.”

You heard the star, fans: What do you want to become of Miles?

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