John Brotherton Discusses Role on One Life to Live

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TV Guide Canada describes John Brotherton as "Llanview’s hottest con man since Tuc Watkins."

The publication recently caught up with the One Life to Live star. Here are highlights from the interview: Where did you come from? Who the hell is John Brotherton? I don’t think I’ve been this excited about a One Life to Live newcomer since Jessica Tuck [ex-Megan].
John Brotherton: Wow — thank you. I appreciate all your support you’ve given me over the past few months. I’m a Northwestern boy — I’ve lived in Seattle and Portland all my life. I was a business kid all through college, and once I graduated, I jumped in my car and moved to L.A.

Once I got my dream business internship, I realized as much as I was good at what I did in the corporate world, it wasn’t my passion. I was a theatre minor throughout school but it was more of a hobby because everyone in my family are artists. So I thought, why not make my hobby and passion my profession? That was 2003 — I was in L.A. for four years before I got my big break on One Life to Live.

TVG: I love your chemistry with Bree Williamson [Jessica] and Forbes March [Nash] — you guys could be the next Three Musketeers on daytime.
JB: They’re amazing — I hope the show explores that storyline more too. Jared’s one busy guy!

Read the full interview with Brotherton now.

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