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One Life To Live: Ready to Go Red

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As One Life to Live fans know, the residents of Llanview are gearing up for the American Heart Association's “Go Red Ball,” spilling major secrets along the way.

farah-fath-go-red.jpg Now, in a move that brings viewer participation to a new level, SOAPnet is inviting fans to send their own secrets during the “One Life To Live Marathon: Secrets Exposed” on Sunday, February 17.

From now until that date, fans can send their secrets to SOAPNet, which will air the juiciest and most scandalous stories during the five-hour special run of One Life to Live.  The cable network will also be revealing a handful of One Life to Live spoilers.

Wanna spill your secrets during this event? Follow these steps:

  1. Text SECRET, followed by the actual message, to 94999.
  2. Next, you'll receive a confirmation text from SOAPnet saying that your message has been received.
  3. Tune in to the One Life to Live marathon to find out if your secret was chosen.

Meanwhile, the “Go Red Ball” storyline on One Life to Live begins in a week, on February 11.  The ball, which will be hosted by Viki (Erica Slezak) and Dorian (Robin Strasser) is a fund raiser to benefit heart health awareness.

"It makes sense, since she has her dead husband's heart in a transplant," Strasser told Soap Opera Weekly recently, "and I am a medical doctor, as Dorian loves to tell people."

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One Life To Live Quotes

Adam Chandler, Sr.: Talking to you would be a waste of my breath, David.
David Vickers: Continue to talk to me, waste your breath, because if you waste your breath, you just might drop dead.

Must be nice living in a world of newspapers; all your people in black and white.

Todd Manning
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