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Michael Lawson: Coming to One Life to Live!

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We'd like to welcome actor Michael Lawson to the cast of One Life to Live. According to, Lawson will portray a character named Brady.

Fans of General Hospital may recognize the actor from his brief appearance as Gregory on that series in 2003.

Michael Lawson: Coming to One Life to Live!

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ABC only clarified that the actor who was rumored to be joining the show, Michael Lawson, was cast as Brody. However, thanks for the clarification! We'll be sure to pass along the news to the fans! Amy
OLTL Recap/News Writer


Your information is incorrect. Mark Lawson (IV IMDB) was cast, not Michael Lawson.


I was very shocked to see that you used the same title to my OLTL article at: Amy
OLTL Recap/News Writer

One Life To Live Quotes

Antonio: What would you call that, Jessica?
Jessica: Doing what I have to do. Mitch has hurt my family in every way possible and I want to make sure that not only does he pay, that he never hurts my family again.
Antonio: Oh yeah? Well, not tonight you're not.

Must be nice living in a world of newspapers; all your people in black and white.

Todd Manning
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