R. Brandon Johnson to Make Return to One Life To Live

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Here's exciting news for One Life to Live fans who loved seeing R. Brandon Johnson in his role of Chuck Wilson last November:

While the character has been stuck in Texas (after having Asa's ranch willed to him), we're about to see Chuck hit the canvas one more time. During the week of April 24, the character will appear in scenes with Jared (John Brotherton) and Natalie (Melissa Archer).

What will he be up to, exactly? You'll need to tune in to find out.


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uh, I dont run this site I just view it but I have to say to come here and call someone rediculous for posting this is completely absurd. Anyone could put this little tidbit of (non) information up considering ABC released multiple medianet pics of Jared, Natalie and Chuck. EVERYONE knows Chuck will be back during the week of the 28th. And everyone knew it BEFORE you posted you "exclusive" info. Now if you can actually say why he will be back and then someone else posts it I can actually give you some credit since no one knows why he will be back, just that he will be back. But unless you have some REAL info that no one else know's your tantrum is laughable as everyone already knew Chuck was coming back.

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