Texas Battle Joins Cast of The Bold and the Beautiful

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Actor Texas Battle - yes, that's seriously his name - has joined the cast of The Bold and the Beautiful. He'll play the role of Marcus.

“Marcus arrives on the scene at a time when the Forresters and the Logans are embroiled in deeply emotional issues. It is soon revealed that Marcus is connected to the Logans, a secret that Donna has been keeping since she was a teenager," said executive producer and head writer Bradley Bell.

Battle is best known for his roles in Coach Carter, One Tree Hill and Final Destination 3.

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I love texas battle because he is so sexy, he is so fine and handsome. Texas battle is my prince.


Tyler, Texas Battle has been featured with REAR and FRONTAL NUDITY on the Playboy TV show, "7 Lives Xposed". he was featured on either season 2 or 3. he has a NICE set of assets--don't miss it. you can use a search engine to see if you can find it on dvd.


Tyler, Texas Battle is definitely sexy. Have you every heard of Playboy TV's show, "7 Lives Xposed"?....it's a "Real World" type show that poses as a reality show but it's actually scripted. well anyway, i said that to say that Texas was featured on the show and the entire cast does full nudity!--FRONTAL AND REAR. Texas really has a nice body. i figured you might want to know that lil bit of info since you enjoyed his shirtless view! he was either on season 2 or 3. Use a search engine to find the episodes.


I luv marcus is so hotttttttttttt.luv u marcus


Texan, You are doing a great job on B+B. You are a good look but your anatomy and what it may look like or its size is not appropriate for this outlet. Katerina :)


Damn that nigga is PHIIIIIINE!! Cant wait! Hope there's shirtless scenes! Between him and Detective Baker's son Charlie--oooh that would be some good black dick.

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