The One Life to Live Trivia Book

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Here's some fun news for One Life to Live fans:

There's a new book hitting the market in July, billed as "A Fun, Fact-filled, Everything-you-want-to-know-guide to Your Favorite Soap." It's called: "One Life to Live 40th Anniversary Trivia Book."

Inside, there's a year-by-year breakdown of milestones and news items. There's also a detailed look at many of the memorable cast members featured on the show.

Some of the interesting questions in the book include

  • What kiss caused an ABC affiliate in Texas to drop the show?
  • Plans to launch a doll of which character sparked outrage?
  • Which villain spoofed Tom Cruise's couch-jumping antics on "Oprah"?
  • Which character was based on Paris Hilton?
  • What popular singer agreed to perform on the show only if her grandmother, a longtime fan, could be on the set?
The One Life to Live Trivia Book

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