Matt Grant, Shayne Lamas Go Public!

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The recent star of The Bachelor, Matt Grant, steps out with his fiancee, Shayne Lamas, at Bar 1200 in Hollywood on Friday.

This past Monday's season finale of The Bachelor: London Calling had Matt Grant, 27, choose Shayne Lamas over Chelsea Wanstrath.

Good choice? You tell us. Here's Matt and Shayne ...

Shayne Lamas, Matt Grant

Matt Grant and Shayne Lamas: We give it eight months.

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Its been almost a month & there still together. Im amazed. I,d give it 6 more months at the most. But who knows, anything is possible & I truly hope it does work out for them. Theres to many sob stories in the world.


Matt and Shayne both are made for each other. I was so thrilled to see that Matt had chosen the right person for himself. Commitment is key in any relationship. best wishes to you guys, and I hope to hear the announcement of the wedding date soon.


I agree with Jimmy. She is a ditz. He is too down to earth and will be spending his time trying to keep up with her shopping bills...after the new wears off she will get bored with it all and want more leaving Matt wondering bloody hell what happened.


She is a ditz and too high maintenance it wont last too long...she does not have a long term sensibility after the cameras are off and the reality of it sets in she will bold with the diamond.


I love Shayne and Matt! I wish them all the best, they are adorable together.


Shayne is mature for her age. Not only she's sincere and sweet, she's also extremely beautiful. It was obvious to me right from the start that she was the right choice for him.
He is by far the best bachelor on the series. He's extremely handsome, charming, funny, sincere and intelligent. I really hope he and Shayne last forever.


Matt and Shayne appear to be great together. Shayne seemed to be the clear front runner from the beginning because of the poise and maturity that she demonstrated. Matt even admitted to his family that he felt most at ease with her.
I wish them both the best.


to me Shayne was the best choice Matt coule have made. She, the youngest was endlessly coming to the rescue of other contestants. in her quiet, observant way she won his heart. the fact that she is an actress (she comes from a hundred years of acting family) does photography similar to many revered actresses (after all it is the business) she is genuine and should be considered the precious daughter and future wife she has become. i do not understand why ABC ignored the winner this year. i pray success for them together or apart. lord willing.