Marty Saybrooke Returns to One Life to Live!

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Next week on One Life to Live, the mystery woman in Ramsey's attic is revealed to be... Marty Saybrooke!

"She went off the cliff, Ramsey found her, and he's been nursing her back to health," Susan Haskell, back as Marty after a 10-year absence, said to The New York Daily News. "She's not in any shape to leave on her own."

Marty Saybrooke Picture

The character, of course, was presumed to have been killed in last year's accident. Though alive, she's unable to walk and has no memory; Ramsey has been caring for her in secret in an effort to get back at good cop John, who loves her.

"John has an idea something's up," said Haskell. "But by the time John gets there, she's gone."

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