Matt Grant & Andy Baldwin: Bachelor Sausage-Fest

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Seriously, where are Shayne Lamas and Tessa Horst?

Well, Andy Baldwin and Tessa haven't been together in some time. He even dated Marla Maples for a time. But it's funny to see two alumni of The Bachelor together at the same pub in Los Angeles without the ladies on Saturday.

Matt Grant and Andy Baldwin

Andy Baldwin and Matt Grant: Major hunk bonding.

Matt Grant and his final rose recipient, Shayne Lamas, are reportedly still together, however, and have intentions on tying the knot.

He recently told celebrity news media that he's marrying Shayne next week in Las Vegas, but he was probably just kidding!

When asked when he's getting married, Matt Grant said, "Next week. Las Vegas. Where Elvis got married."

Added the handsome Brit, "I love the States, but just for the record, I did not do this for a green card."

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Andy HAD the best girl anyone could find. He needs to get over himself and stop running to Hollywood. Something is wrong when a guy is this good looking and this intelligent and he can't seem to keep a relationship going. Tessa must have felt like she was WAY down on the totem pole. The Navy, the running, the swimming, the biking the interviewing--not much time for a wife.


I'm hoping that Andy will find a mate that has similar interestes and lifestlye; then soon he will be able to enjoy marriage and have children while he is still young. Time goes by quick and he will miss out on what's truly important, besides fame and money. One of Andy's "Biggest Fans" ever!!!