Maurice Benard Opens Door for Vanessa Marcil

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After Las Vegas was canceled a couple months ago, rumors began to run wild that Vanessa Marcil would return to General Hospital.

Nothing has been confirmed on that front - but Maurice Bernard, whose character Sonny teamed with Marcil's Brenda Barrett in a love story for the ages, is aware that many longtime fans await the couple's reunion.

"The door is always open for Vanessa," Bernard recently. "It would be interesting for her to come now that Sonny is with somebody else who he's in love with - it would be a love triangle. Hey, the more the merrier!"

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Do you wanna see Vanessa Marcil reunite with Maurice Benard on General Hospital?

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Maurice have been a big fan of mine!!!! I love when him and tamara played a roll togarther...They were the couple....


I love Vanessa Marcil and I can't wait until she gets back! However i heard that Maurice is leaving and i hope that this isnt true!!! Soony and Brenda need to reunite soon! They were the HOTTEST COUPLE ON GH!!!!!


I havent really sat down and watched GH since Brenda left. Sonny and Brenda were just phenomenal! They made that show what it is.
Sonny and Brenda are just HOT! They always have been and always will. Without Brenda, Sonny isnt Sonny! haha.
It has been LONG over due for her return. Hurry Vanessa and come back to Maurice! hahahaha..
Can't wait! S&B FOREVER


I want to see Vanessa Marcil come back to GH and be with JAX !!!!!!! COME BACK VANESSA! We need Brenda back at GH. Jax could never love anyone like he loved Brenda, even though he "supposedly" left her at the alter. That only happened because she was leaving the show again. JAX AND BRENDA ARE FOREVER. Plus she is such a great actress and GH needs her. I can't wait for Spinelli to meet Brenda B. What words would he use for her? Something higher/better than "the Goddess". The dynamic that Brenda and Jason know she will see Jason and so, of course, she'll run into Spinelli. PLEASE BRING HER BACK. Can't wait!!!


I used to watch GH everyday to watch scenes that Brenda and Sonny had together, whether they were a couple or not. I would LOVE for them to be re-united. They are hands down the hottest couple ever in daytime!