Jason Mesnick Considered for Upcoming Season of The Bachelor

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Move over, Jeremy Anderson and J.T. Torregiani.

Recently heart-broken Jason Mesnick is also being considered for the new season of The Bachelor.

"We would be bona fide idiots not to consider him for the show," series host Chris Harrison said about the possibility of Mesnick having his pick of 25 desperate women. "He's on my short list."

Jason Mesnick Photo

Harrison added that, if Jason is chosen, son "Ty would have to take center stage," while hinting this could mean filming in Jason's hometown of Seattle. Heck, Harrison and and his wife even offered to baby-sit: "We have two kids, Ty would fit right in."

What do you think of Jason Mesnick being the next Bachelor?

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Jason just be yourself and take your time and god will send you your garduian angel and you will know I do believe that for you can read the ladies like a book and that good so I'm going to be ready and watching I hope I have real reason to stay at home from work like when you and Jesse was on the red carpet I could have went to work but I just knew she was going to change her mind at the end I figure out who she picked at the family dinner I seen a different person in her I knew it wasn't you sorry and you knew too on the one on one date. Becareful and have fun and your fans will be helping you also.


Well ladies you better be on top of the game with Jason for he can read you like a book a that no lyed and I hope the lady he picks is for real and we see a wedding from the men (Bachelor) for the bachelorette have one or two up on them and none for the guys so ladies get ready fro here come Jason and he is a man of your heart.


v. price--you are a fool...everybody deserves a chance at love..even people with kids! You are obviously very self centered. Jason is a first class guy who seems to TOTALLY have it together...any really smart woman who's single would be lucky to have him and would appreciate him. And M-Do, you are obviously not very perceptive...his son wouldn't be such a great kid if he weren't a great Dad. Also, you should never have kids...because kids need exactly what he gives his son...Anyway, YES, ABC, he's the perfect guy. But I agree that you should try to screen these woman better and not bring in the bitches...maybe somebody around his age would be more mature and better suited...


Jason has my vote 100% ~ CBS you must make Jason the next bachelor ~ he would be perfect!


Please...Jason's sweet-guy routine is a total front for a true blue passive-aggressive manipulator who whines, cries, gripes, until he finally gets really angry -- each in successive stages until he's finally worn-down his partner. Ick.
And just to be really mean, I have to add that his obsession with Ty borders on gross. Sheesh, you love your son. I get it.


I am all for Jason being picked as the next Bachelor, but if Jason is picked for the next Bachelor they need to be very careful not to bring Ty into the mix too early. I was a single mother of a young son the dating game is very hard on a young child. They develop feelings very quickly and the women will obviously try to get into the hesrt of this young boy to get to the prize. His dad. I just don't wnat to see Ty hurt.


Jason should absolutely be the next Bachelor!!! I think all of America fell in love with him. He seems like a true geniune guy. He seemed very caring, loving, and true. There aren't many men left in this world like that.


YES, Jason should definately be the next bachelor, America fell in love with this man and Ty. I personally want to see him find love, he deserves it! You Go Jason, we love you!!!


Sorry, but who can compete with a small child that is Jasons whole life. There is no room for a wife. He should try to get the x wife back.


I think abc would be crazy not to put him for the next bachelor. He is a great guy.