Jeremy Anderson: The Next Bachelor?

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Rumors are flying that this week's bachelor eliminated by DeAnna Pappas, Jeremy Anderson, a 30-year-old real estate attorney from Dallas, Texas, will become the next star of The Bachelor when the series returns this fall.

Two weeks ago, Jeremy seemed conflicted about the idea of going through it again, according to Access Hollywood, and wasn't sure if ABC had interest.

Yesterday, though, reporters questioned whether or not he had thought about being the next star of The Bachelor and this time, Jeremy seemed more open.

"It was a great experience," Anderson said.

"It was probably the most enlightening thing I've ever done. I feel like I took more out of it than anyone."

Jeremy Anderson

This morning with the rumors growing louder, reporters questioned DeAnna Pappas on whether Jeremy Anderson would be a good pick as The Bachelor.

"Jeremy would make a great Bachelor because he has everything to offer. He is the perfect man," DeAnna Pappas said.

"He has a wonderful outlook on life and love. He has a great career ahead of him. He has a great dog. He has the total package."

Is he even available though? On a conference call, Jeremy Anderson admitted that he is currently dating someone but did not reveal who.

"I have started seeing someone," he said. "It was tough in the beginning and it was tough to get back out there because you can't really date while the show is going on. Once the show was over I could kind of explore the dating world in real life is a different universe to dating on TV."

Also rumored to be the next Bachelor? J.T. Torregiani.

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Yes, I vote for Jeremy all the way! Since the show with him started, he was the one who really caught my attention. On screen, he did not only look handsome, but also like a good true honest man in search of love. I would definitely want a chance with someone like him. True love is hard to come by and he looks like he could fill that nice part of life.


Jeremy has everything - intelligence, honesty, sincerity, great southern manners, fun-loving and enjoys extreme sports. He is the whole package. ABC needs to give him the opportunity to find true love. I have never seen anyone on thie show that was more genuinely heartbroken when he was let go. Please let him have another opportunity. And on top of everything, he's absolutely gorgeous!


I have watched every episode of the Bachelor and the Bachelorette. You just knew that when Jeremy stepped out of the limo and spoke to DeAnna, that he was one of the classist guys on the show....not to mention, he was good at everything, .....what a fun guy and respectful of his family. I bet that jerk,Ron's, family was embarrassed for him. Saying that Jeremy did not have any integrity and turning the other bachelors against Jeremy.... I COULD NOT STAND HIM....and was so glad when DeAnna dumped the jerk. I sure hope that when the other bachelors watched the show....that they had a little bit more respect for Jeremy and gave him the apology due. I also liked Fred the attorney, also classy...what a nice guy and I loved Graham....but perhaps Graham was not ready to settle down. I did like him the best...and I saw more into him than DeAnna did. What was in that letter? Did we find out if he really was falling in love with her. Jason was nice....but you do not need a "father" as a Bachelor..He got enough publicity, I am sure he will find a nice Seattle or Kirkland woman that will love him and his son Ty. I was surprised about Jesse, especially after seeing DeAnna's face when he got out of the limo. Jesse's personality and unique clothing remind me of my son. I hope they "make it"....where can we get updates? Would love to be an advisor... I would love to see an update on all of the previous bachelors and bachelorettes. Jeremy has my vote for being the next Bachelor. I have also called a couple of let you do not need a famous Bachelor....the Bachelorettes are the only ones that seem to get married. Thanks Lynda South Pasadena, CA
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Jeremy would be great as the next Bachelor! Jeremy is a gentleman. He is very nice, smart, and handsome. Jeremy deserves a lot of happiness... Please ABC, have Jeremy be the next Bachelor!!!




Jeremy is so beautiful inside and out. I believe he should become a model. I hope he finds the girl of his dreams. Definately is a fine catch. I love his freckled complexion and his mannerisms. I think that he genuinely fell in love with Deanna.


please please make Jeremy Anderson the next Bachelor please abc


Jeremy needs his chance to remend his heart the was that Deanna did... he was sooooo hurt and it was cruel the way Deanna led him on.. out of all the guys she led him on the most... he was very sincere and she was just enjoying his good looks... she should of let him go from the beginning if he wasn't her type.. that girl is crazy.. and no she is not perfect I can see why she is very stupid


poor Jeremy we need a sequel to his happy ending.. So he was perfect and Deanna was not.. I know there is someone perfect out there for him... he should be the next bachelor so we can enjoy him picking his soul mate.. I am sure there would be someone out there for him...


Jeremy sheremy, what a cry baby!! I vote Jesse to be the next bachelor...lord knows that relationship is a joke...Have you seen their website...pathetic!

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