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Ousted So You Think You Can Dance Contestant Speaks Out

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Ousted So You Think You Can Dance Contestant Speaks OutWe wonder if Chelsea Traille thinks her take on So You Think You Can Dance is ground-breaking.

The contestant that got voted off the show last week says eliminations are scarcely based on talent.

"It's disappointing because no one wants to not succeed at something. But I mean, obviously, dancing on television it's not all about dance," Traille told reporters during a Friday conference call.

Our response? D'uh! Has Chelsea ever seen the popularity show known as American Idol?!?

"There's popularity involved and there is a cast involved and there is a flavor that they look for the overall cast that remains each week," Traille added. "And I was up against a lot of different talent and diversity. I don't feel like, even though a lot of us were contemporary, none of us had a similar style."

In the end, it's hard to blame Chelsea for being a tad bitter:

"It's unfortunate that I don't feel like America really got to see my personality, but I do know that they did get to feel me when I got to dance on that stage."

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