New Bachelor(ette) Couple: Jeremy Anderson and Chelsea Wanstrath!

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Here's some amazing Bachelor / Bachelorette gossip. Jeremy Anderson - the handsome Texan rejected by DeAnna Pappas who is being talked about as the next star of The Bachelor - has started dating Chelsea Wanstrath!

Yes, the sweet girl Matt Grant rejected in favor of ditzy now-ex-fiancee Shayne Lamas on the most recent season of The Bachelor!

After weeks of rumors, Jeremy Anderson confirmed to Us Weekly that he is dating Chelsea Wanstrath - or at least getting to know her:

Anderson, Jeremy
Chelsea: The Bachelor

"Chelsea Wanstrath is a beautiful girl and I have gotten a chance to get to know her pretty well. I have tons of fun with her and she lets me be myself. As far as whether or not we are dating... right now we are having fun getting to know one another. We aren't in a rush. So, we will see where it goes, but yes we are definitely spending as much time as we can together. I reached out to her when I got cut to try to make sense of everything and we hit it off straight away (a little Aussie slang). I saw her on the premiere of her season and thought she was hot and had a great personality. When I saw her in person I thought, 'Wow, she was hot on TV but 10 times hotter in person."'

He sounds happy with Chelsea. Take that, Matt Grant.

Wonder if this takes Jeremy out of the running for The Bachelor. With him, Graham Bunn and JT Torregiani all off the market, does this officially open the door for a Jason Mesnick return?

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Is there any new picture of the two, are they still talking .dating something do some updates


Jeremy is getting married ..... very soon!!


Anyone know if Jeremy Anderson is single still?


Jeremy is from my hometown of Huntsville and I'm sure that he will do fine with this new girl.


Why don't you put Jeremey and Chelesa happiness and found love on tv and show some of us that there are true and real people out their that have hearts and love for one another whether they get married or not just to see how a person who got rejected turns out for DeAnna Pappas told the tv veiwers a lyed about finding in what she was looking in a man God sent her a guardian angel and that was Jason M and she push aside because he was a ready made family. She didn't want that yet even thou she said was okay "not" so let see and hope that Jeremy and Chelesa will be the next happy set and it work.


Trista, what the heck are you saying in your comment? It doesn't make sense at all.
Who's gay? And if it is a question, why does it not have a question mark at the end? I think stupid comments like that are worthless. Jeremy and Chelsea seem to be compatible, and I wish them well. If they were gay, they would not be looking of love with he opposite sex.



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