Dancing with the Stars Profile: Ted McGinley

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Ted McGinley is a "that guy" actor.

He guest stars on a television show and viewers immediately think: "Oh, it's that guy! Where do I know that guy from?"

McGinley's most famous role is that of Al Bundy's neighbor on Married... with Children. But his stock is about to seriously rise with an appearance on this season of Dancing with the Stars.

The actor is trying to build a conservative base of fans, evidently, as he told People Magazine's readers: "If you have a prayer list, put me on it."

Ted McGinley, Brayer

Ted McKinley and partner Inna Brayer get ready to dance with the stars.

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Do what you want to do & have fun with life:) It was a real pleasure & honor meet'n ya today. You are just as cool in person Mr. Jefferson


I was looking forward to the season with Ted. Besides him being just a very likable fellow, I think he had a great start. So disappointed. I'll miss watching him grow with the show. He could have been a contender. Sorry Ted.


I am feeling so blue tonight as I thought Ted's dancing was just great. I would love to have seen him dance all the Latin dances. That was just a real bad mistake on the part of the viewing audience. Best wishes, Ted.


I love Ted McGinley. I know he has the label of being the "jump the shark" actor meaning he joins shows that are often past their prime like Happy Days and The Love Boat. However, he is a terrific actor. He was great on Revenge of the Nerds, Married With Children, and he was the only decent actor on Hope and Faith. I hope he does well.