More Tonya Lee Williams' Return to The Young and the Restless

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Tonya Lee Williams will return to The Young and the Restless later this month in a unique fashion:

The actress and show executives reached a deal that will allow Williams to appear on the soap opera without a contract.

It's been three years since Williams appeared on The Young and the Restless. Her character, Dr. Olivia Barber Hastings, has spent the last few years in Africa.

Tonya Lee Williams Picture

Williams says the commitments outside o television prevented her from returning on a more full-time basis.

"I won't sign a long-term contract because of my film career and Reel World Festival responsibilities," the actress said. "But I'd pull a Tracey Bregman and continue in good faith."

Williams founded ReelWorld in 2001 in order to create opportunities for diverse talent in Canada.

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