General Hospital Spoilers: November 17-21

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Sorry, Luke. It won't be a fun week ahead on General Hospital...

  • Olivia is rescued by Sonny.
Nikolas Portrayer
  • Danger for Sam!
  • Luke gets dumped.

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I really hope that Jason and Sam get back together but not now. I want the writers to go ahead and put Jason and liz together, so all the Liason fans will see that the couple is actually boring. I think that Sam and Jason have to go through other relationships and find their way back to eachother down the line. Jason wouldn't have ever given Elizabeth the time of day if she wasn't pregnant with his child. I think Jason isn't in love with Elizabeth, he is inlove with a life he would like to have, but he knows that is not possible. If Jason truly loved Elizabeth he would walk away from the mob, and be with her. But all of you know that GH would be boring if Jason Morgan turned in to Jason Q again. Elizabeth does not want a bad boy, she want a man who can live a life without crime. But Sam never wanted to change Jason, all she wanted was his love, and trust. And I wish everyone would stop saying she is a low life. If that was the case she would've takent he 5 millions dollars Jason offered her after she was shot, and he dumped her. She loved that man more than she loved herself. But I am so happy to see the old Sam return, and I want it to stay that way.


I think that General Hospital needs to have their number one couple Jason and Elizabeth together. Because it has been like what, 9 years now and they still are not together in the open. Not even in pravite anymore.

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General Hospital Quotes

Lucky, it's called cleavage, and it's the best weapon we've got.


Claudia: Oh, you're in a foul mood, huh? Looking for trouble?
Sonny: You know, I have not been fair to you. I know I called you a lying whore, and all that. But hey, you know what? At least you don't pretend to be anything else.