The Daytime Drama Daily Dish: Young and Restless Spoiler Alert!

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What will The Young and the Restless reveal the week of February 16? That spoiler leads today's round-up of soap opera news...

  • Who is Chloe's baby daddy? Find out in just over two weeks!
  • Former As the World Turns actress Martha Byrne is joining the writing staff on The Bold and the Beautiful.
  • It's been awhile. But Bryan Genesse is returning to The Bold and the Beautiful.
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What happened to the old Heather...Loked her a lot!!!!!!!


What happened to the old Heather-liked her a lot?????


what is happening to Y&R,i have watched it for 30 years but latly ,the story lines are SO boring,gloria ,and her partner jeffry, amber,how about jill, she needs a decent story ,perhaps a new man, anything to put a smile on her face .my two daughter and i have always,enjoyed the show,and discuss the character as if they are real people and please no more silly young ones,doing impossible things.all that aside i love the show.gloria


I feel there are too many stars who do not help the show. Michaels Mother and her Husband are has beens. Amber has worn out her part.The Blonde and her brother, everyone I know would rather they weren't there. The Y & The R is my favorite show to watch on TV, also, my husband looks forward to it. Thank you. Victor is my favorite. I have watched it from the start.

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See, I only work out so I can eat doughnuts.


That was Victor's doing. It was purely personal. Believe me, old moneybags is going to eat his words. The magazine is gonna do great, and beauty of nature will be left in the dust.