Beth Riesgraf Dishes on Leverage

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Beth Riesgraf stars on Leverage as Parker. The character is an upper-echelon cat burglar, a seriously sexy and sassy criminal-turned-justice-seeker.

The actress sat down with TV Guide this week to talk about tonight's episode, along with the show in general:

Other caper series, like Heist, Thief and Smith, were short-lived. Why do you think Leverage has shown legs?
I think it's because it's a fun show that really anybody can watch; it makes people think about [the corporate malfeasance] happening in the world today, and there's something satisfying about seeing the bad guys get messed with while the good guys are helped for once.

In this week's episode, "The 12-Step Job," what sort of guise are you in?
We all play these different people inside rehab, and I'm a patient. I basically have a problem with stealing and I hate myself, so I'm there to overcome those things.

Parker, Leverage

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