Drew Garrett: The New Michael Quartermaine Corinthos

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General Hospital fans are about to be re-introduced to Sonny's son, Michael Quartermaine Corinthos.

As TV Guide puts it, we hope viewers are ready for a case of Soap Opera Rapid Aging Syndrome.

Following months of speculation - and a coma for the character - Drew Garrett has landed the plum role of young Michael. He was previously portrayed by Dylan Cash and was last seen on December 29, 2008.

Drew Garrett

When Garrett makes his General Hospital debut on April 24, Michael will still be in his hospital bed.

The actor's previous credits include a guest-starring stint on a Criminal Minds episode that aired this past December.

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This is über-exciting!!! On the may sweep preview he opens eyes. But from what I've heard it's just a reflex. One thing that wasn't mentioned was the fact that he actually talks which is something I saw for my self on the same preview in which he's supposed open his eyes. He says "what happened to me?". So ya he probably does wake up. But I also heard he's gonna age somemore! So guy named jessie you'll have to look it up. But I pray they don't age him again I like this michael. The day he wakes up is gonna be awesome; a historical moment in general hospital! But what eve we'll see what happens!

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