One Life to Live Spoilers: March 9-13

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Accusations and action fly next week on One Life to Live...

  • Dorian accuses Todd of stabbing Blair.
  • Michael makes a startling find.
  • Trouble for Cole!
  • Terrible news for Bo, Nora, Rex and Gigi.

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stacy is hott!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Today I like to watch One Life To Live.


So.. I think Marcie is going to find out she is pregnant! I sure hope so! then Starr can keep her baby when she finds out that "Jessicas" baby is actually her baby. I also think that Roxie doesnt really know who rex's father is and that she just thinks its whoever is in the coma; I think that Bo is his father, either that or uncle. I can't wait to see thursdays episode when Gigi kicks out stacy. what a whore! I wonder who the killer is though..

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One Life To Live Quotes

I don't know, something twisted. I mean, this whole place is twisted. It's like some twisted shrine of him and mother. What'd you do down here, gramps? Count your money and stare at yourself while groping at your daughter? Bastard!


Jessica: Do you know what an evil, lying tramp Shawna is?
Rex: Yeah. That's why I like her.