The Bachelor's Molly and Jason: Going Strong!

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Despite the massive controversy of their reunion on The Bachelor's "After the Final Rose" special, Jason Mesnick and Molly Malaney have been brushing off the haters and are still together and happy after all these ... well, weeks. But for The Bachelor, that's no small feat.

Since the stunning season finale in early March, the two have been apparently been getting to know each other, hanging out, grilling and having drinks. It's been really exciting.

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im not on molly or melissa's side. they are both good ladies, also Jason is a lovely guy. but jst one thing i wanted to say is the fact that Jason got hurt so many times and that's why he went on a show to find someone to be with, and how can he do that to Melissa. After being hurt so many times, how can you turn and do it to someone else. Its so hard seing someone being hurt. I wished you picked Molly at first place, in that case Melissa wont be hurt and betraied by you. the only episode of your show i watched was the last one and i knew straight away Molly was the one for you but i guessed wrong, and i was still happy with your choice. you jst gave yourself and Molly a bad name, but eventually people will get over it. i know its no one's business but yours, but bear in mind it was a tv show and that made it the world's business. what's done is done. also good to know that Melissa is happy with who she's with now. Wish your family the best esp that cute lil son of yours.