Lost Spoilers: "Getting Lost 10"

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In the tenth installment of Getting Lost with Matt Mitovich, Matt talks to Michael Emerson about the perception-changing events that occurred during "Dead is Dead."  Emerson even teases us on what to expect about future Ben moments.

Mitovich also talks to Marsha Thomason who will be reprising her role as Naomi in next week's episode, "Some Like it Hoth."  She confirms how Naomi will be back in a flashback with Miles.

Finally, Matt provides a very well thought out theory as to last week's burning question, "What happened to Rose and Bernard" that we're going to make you watch to hear:

[video url="/videos/getting-lost-10/" title="Getting Lost 10"] [/video]

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Lost Quotes

Long time, no see.

Faraday [to Miles]

Mother: You will never be able to leave this island.
MIB: That's not true. And one day I can prove it.