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Botox story line for Adam is strange. Botox is not in any bottle like the one shown in episode 6-23-09 that I have ever seen. Botox is shipped on dry ice, always refrig. and in crystal form that has to be re-constituted before using. It is only good for 24 hrs. Last, it is never eye injected as your eyes are just an extension of your brain. Adam being almost blind could never have drawn up the saline for reconstitution. He stores it under his bed and usues it prn--just not a good medical check eventhough this is just a soap opera. For those of us in the medical profession and/or clinical research, I find it hard not to laugh.
Just an observance.


I think it would be great if Nicki turns out to be Catherine long lost daughter.. They should also bring back some of the stars kids like jacks , olivia son an laurens son..i also wish nina an her son would return to the show. The story line about nina an her baby that sally from the bold an the beautiful would be a great story to bring back


Today I like to watch The Young And The Restless.


You really had a good story line going with Neil and Karen. Neil is such a good guy and he does not play around. That was the character of his younger brother Malcolm. If Karen leaves, then why not just recast her part? Things are getting so out of line on this story and the writers are so mixed up. If Karen leaves that will just open up a place for Neil and Tyra with no guilt. Please do not let Neil get with Tyra. Why is Phyllis so upset? She broke up Nick's marriage to Sharon. I have been watching the young and the restless every since the Brooks and the Foster started. The writers can have a good story going and then they will just mess it up. Again I am begging please do not let Neil and Tyra get together. I will just stop watching the show. I am a big fan of the young and restless. Thanks,
CG Davis