John Cena to Turn Heel?

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During a recent WWE creative team meeting, one writer pitched the idea of a John Cena heel turn.

How did Vince MaMahon react to it? Not well, according to The Wrestling Observer Newsletter. He ripped the idea for being foolish and short-sighted.

As long as Cena's merchandise sells well, expect him to remain a face.

John Cena
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John cena is my best wwe player


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I mean i think i agree with vince i think that seeing john cena as a heel will look stupid but turning randy orton around will be a good idea how about turning evolution back together how about you put that where your mouth is and please stop cusin so much yo mama because maybe kids are trying to read this stuff you really need to get some manners. Diz iz ur boy unknown


I agree with d rod who gives a damn about kids buying cenas ugly ass t shirts.Eather turn cena heel and i will not watch wwe until it happens,cause im getting sick of seeing the same shit over and over again.


turn cena a heel and turn randy orton a face.who cares about kids buying cenas merchindise.