Jill Zarin Pushes for Equality, Hefty Paycheck

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If Jill Zarin does not return for a new season of The Real Housewives of New York City, at least she has a future in the women's rights movement.

Amidst speculation that she and Ramona Singer are holding out for more money before they resign with the show, Zarin told Us Weekly:

"I think that in an ensemble cast, it's hard to have demands because I think all women are the same. I think all women should be treated identically. I don't think one is more valuable than other."

Jill Zarin Picture

Of course, Jill doesn't mean that literally any cast member is equal to the other.

"I'm not saying someone new on the show would be valued the same as someone who’s been on the show three years," she said, likely referring to newcomer Kelly Bensimon. "But I think that the cast is the cast. Take an ensemble like Friends. They felt the same way about each other, even though some became more famous than others and some were more liked. They all took care of each other, and I think that's the way it should be."

So, is Zarin coming back? Like a true spokeswoman, she'd only offer the following tease:

"You'll have to watch and see what happens. I can't announce anything."

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i love jill, i think shes entertaining and i wont watch if shes not here but as for the money...........she doesnt need it and she wont leave the show cuz she looooves the attention and the fame so bravo shouldnt bother with her demands its an act.


Would never watch it if Jill didn't come back, however, it is going to be hard to watch when whiney voice Bethany is on. I'd much rather see the new refreshing so "sure of herself" Kelly on. Love the show (minus Bethany)!!!!