The Latest from the TV Blog Coalition: July 17-19

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TV Blog CoalitionFind out what our fellow television fanatics from around the web blogged about in our weekly TV Blog Coalition roundup.
  • This week, Jace had an advance review of the five-episode event Torchwood: Children of Earth, airing every night on BBC America this coming week, and had an exclusive interview with Torchwood executive producer Julie Garner. (Televisionary)
  • The TV Addict offers up his take on the 2009 Emmy Nods: The Good, The Bad and the Who Does BSG Have to Frak to Get Some Emmy Recognition! {The TV Addict)
  • During the summer doldrums, Sara has been catching up on Rescue Me. It's a great show, but there's one character who drives her nuts! (TiFaux)
  • Kate wondered which season of The Bachelor was the most boring. (TV Filter)
  • Matt is 29 years old and a male. But he's seen the first episode of The Vampire Diaries and is a major fans. (TV Fanatic)
  • Buzz took a break from all the Emmy mania to check out the models who will appear on the Project Runway companion series, Models of the Runway. (BuzzSugar)
  • How much does Buster Bluth want you to watch his webseries CTRL, Scooter has a video of how much and why you should do what Buster says. (Scooter McGavin's 9th Green)
  • It's not TV related but Vance LOVED the movie (500) Days of Summer. Boy, Joseph Gordon-Levitt sure has grown up since 3rd Rock From The Sun. (Tapeworthy)

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