Fringe Question of the Week: Where is Agent Jessup?

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Prior to this season of Fringe, it was announced that Meghan Markle would be joining the cast.

But the actress' character of Special Agent Jessup has only been seen briefly and many fans are wondering what her status is. Entertainment Weekly turned to producer Jeff Pinkner for the answer. He said:

“There was never any length of time [assigned to her stay]. There’s no end date. She’s an available tool in our toolbox and we’ll use her as we see fit.

[But] we’re really trying to tell stories about our main characters… we want to get deeper with them, so we don’t have a lot of time to go into the FBI. I think our fans really want to get to know our [core] characters more and that’s what we’re endeavoring to do this year.”

Amy Jessup

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