Ratings Report: Heroes Hits a Series Low

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The NBC train wreck that is Heroes hit a series low last night, while ABC dominated the night. Here's a full ratings rundown:

8 p.m.
Dancing with the Stars: 17.1 million viewers
House: 13.1 million
How I Met Your Mother: 8.2 million/Accidentally on Purpose: 7.2 million
Heroes: 5.4 million
One Tree Hill: 2.2 million

9 p.m.
Dancing with the Stars: 18.5 million
Two and a Half Men: 13.1 million/The Big Bang Theory: 12.2 million
Lie to Me: 8.1 million
Gossip Girl: 2.1 million

10 p.m.
CSI: Miami: 13 million
Castle: 11.6 million

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Hello, NBC? Can you please cancel us now? It would be a mercy killing.

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Ryan i like heroes just like a lot of people but don't go bashing soaps/dramas like one tree hill and gossip girl because those ratings are meant to be lower especially since they are on the CW which gets low ratings as it is......sci-fi and nbc is supposed to get higher ratings cause a lot of people watch it........ heroes shouldn't be cancelled it should just be given aother chance and they should look at the dvr ratings and one tree hill isn't garbage fyi.


look at gossip girl and one tree garbage heroes beat them plus no one is able to compete w that reality dancing garbage that is DWTS