Sons of Anarchy Season 3 to Explore Jax and Tara Relationship

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The incredible second season of Sons of Anarchy concluded this week.

But creator Kurt Sutter is already looking ahead to season three of this FX hit, as he spoke to TV Guide about what lies ahead for Jax and Tara concerning developments with baby Abel.

Read through our review of "Na Triobloidi" to find out what the heck we're talking about - and then check out Sutter's take on season three below:

"[I want] to explore what happens to a couple when they're faced with a tragedy like that. To be honest with you, I don't know where it's going to go. Does Tara blame herself? Does Tara blame Jax? Does Jax blame Tara? But that will be a very real dynamic in their relationship."

What did you think of this show's season finale?

Clay and Gemma

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ok first of all this season isn't all it's cracked up to be kinda dull and jax is gonna do his own sister talk about nasty plus he doesnt even get ABEL back thats so retarded


I still think sweet revenge would be if Stalh was kidnapped & traded off to another M.C. maybe in Mexico? killing her is to final & easy a plot to write, just think if she's traded off & held captive to do the other Club's bidding, what a put down for her. And beside's that, then she could alway's be written back into another script some day, as she is a great actress & play's the B Role so perfectly.


KURT SUTTER is a master mind at coming up with new Excitement for the show.Season 3 will be a mind blower for sure i for one cant wait,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, CATER


I Love Sons of Anarchy !!! Its my favorite show cant wait for season 3. I just think Jax is hot hot hot !!!!! I want to bite his neck and lick him all over!!!!!


I would first like to state how amazing this television show is. For the first time i actually imagined myself being a character, and wanting to know what its like to live a bad ass life like that. The characters are what really make it happen, but the fact that each season is getting better, that just goes to show how talented the writter is. I would do anything to meet the cast, i must say i am their BIGGEST FAN ! In my opinion, there needs to be more advertising, because i believe they would have soo many more veiwers if more people new about the show.


"linjaynes Says:
December 10th, 2009 8:37 PM wouldnt it be wild if stahl wasnt killed,but instead picked up & then traded to another MotorCycle club ,maybe in Mexico ,as punishment for framing Gemma???? I would love it." Yes please.


wouldnt it be wild if stahl wasnt killed,but instead picked up & then traded to another MotorCycle club ,maybe in Mexico ,as punishment for framing Gemma???? I would love it.


Tonight's episode shook me up in more ways than words could ever do justice to. Something about Charlie Hunman and the actor portraying Cameron Haye's performance just rips your heart out. It took me five, ten minutes before I could stop shaking. Kurt Sutter is nothing short of a genius (albeit a slightly sadistic one) for pulling this off so subtly and efficiently. I can only imagine the horrors awaiting Stahl should, and eventually WILL more likely than not, SAMCRO learns of her manipulations. Opie may have been merciful the FIRST time, but now that Half-Sack is dead, and Abel MIA, her death will be the appetizer for a hopefully juicy third season.

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