Conan O'Brien to Appear on... Sons of Anarchy?!?

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Conan O'Brien will soon be off NBC and The Tonight Show.

Where might the comedian go next? Rumors state that Fox is the most likely destination, but Kurt Sutter has another option: FX and a role on Sons of Anarchy!

The series creator penned a funny, intriguing letter to Conan on his official website. In it, he makes O'Brien an offer:

You've been screwed.  And the abuse played out in public.  It was painful for us, I can't imagine how awful it was for you and your family.  The statement you recently issued was heartfelt and impressive.

I have no doubt you'll land on your feet, wavy red hair intact. I know appearing in a dramatic role on cable television is probably the last thing you'd ever want to do, but I want you to know that you have an open invitation on my show, Sons of Anarchy.  We have an IRA story line that will continue to play out this coming season and I could use a bad-ass O'Brien on my team. 

Guns, blood, fist fights -- you could really work some shit out.  Think about it. 

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Great show looking forward to Season 3.


This show is based on outlaw bikers like CHIPS WAS BASED ON MOTORCYCLE COPS!


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