Eric Braeden Speaks on Return to The Young and the Restless

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It was more dramatic than any series storyline in 2009: Eric Braeden almost left The Young and the Restless amidst a contract dispute.

But the veteran actor agreed to a compromise with the series and returns to drama this Friday, following an 11-week absence. He spoke about the ordeal, and about the vengence of his character, in an interview with TV Guide Magazine...

On Victor's return: He’s salivating for revenge. Nothing explosive. He’s angry and bitter but he’s going to play it very cool, very Machiavellian. It all unfolds in a very delicious manner and I’m enjoying it enormously.


On uproar over his contract dispute: It really was something, wasn’t it? And I have to say it had a little bit to do with my decision to come back. I’m a cynic at heart - I’ve been doing this Hollywood shit since 1962 and you learn a thing or two - but I was very touched by the response.

On castmates' reaction: We aren’t very close on the set, and anyone who tells you otherwise is spreading a myth. The nature of the beast is that you do your scenes and you go back to your dressing room. Some people you get along with better than others, but in the end I don’t give a damn, and in the end it doesn’t make any difference. What’s important - the only thing I care about - is what comes across on screen.

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I am shocked and saddened to learn Y&R has fired Michael Muhney. He has played his character incredibly well. He and Chelsea work well together. I wish Michael and his family well, and hope that Y&R would reconsider!


Well, first of all, Joshua Marrow is hot and my boyfriend looks just like him! I've been watching this show since I was a little girl - 51 yrs. old now and still loving it. Second of all, Chris St. John is hot! And Eric Braeden is the MAN, I love his ruthlessness and how calm he can be at it, oh and he's also hot too! I just want to say thanks for all the wondeful episodes and the ones to come! P.S. Is Drew ever coming back???? She didn't die, she just missing in the river, please find her. LOL!!!


I cannot believe Sharon and Adam would be together again. This makes Sharon look very stupid. Not my favorite episode, Nov.30, 2010.


I am so happy Victor is back and that he is with Niki - keep it that way please! Why in the world is Adam getting away with murder (literally)? He was blind and now he can see. Can the staff get a little more creative? I don't like Emily and I especially don't like her with Jack! Sharon is ppathetic and Phyliss is annoying. When she and Nick have romantic scenes I always look away - yuk! Y&R has played the crazy card so many times - Sheila, Ashley and Patty. I would hate to see Y&R end up like Guilding Light and As the World Turns! Get better writers, please!


i want sharon and nick to get back togetheralso i wantphylis off the show if she keeps on talking about VICTOR pleasekeep victor and nikki together


Today I think Victor and Kay are best friends.


Since when do they give a patient in a padded room a pair of scissors much less a newspaper? For someone going blind Adam gets around better than I do.


The show is getting soooooo far fetched with Adam is nearly blind, now he can see really good and how many times is Shelia coming back??????? This is really rediculious. Nobody ever foulnd out about years ago when Phyllis ran over Christine and Paul, and they were injured, so lets get some reality in the show.
How many children is Kathryn going to end up having?????


Today I think Victor and Sabrina invite Neil Phyllis Nick Summer Victoria JT Reed Jill Kay Lauren Michael Heather Adam Zara Heather Jana and Kevin to Victor and Sabrina's Wedding on Friday June 20,2008.


I think the Y&R is getting a little ridiculous. I am glad to see Victor come back but the entire soap is just toooooo unrealistic. No one ever gets found out how bad they have been and we are constantly teased over Sharon & Nice. For goodness sake let some things happen and Adam definitely should be found out. Now he is going to be a hero and how long will that go on for. Toooo long I am sure.

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That was Victor's doing. It was purely personal. Believe me, old moneybags is going to eat his words. The magazine is gonna do great, and beauty of nature will be left in the dust.