Spoilers Reveal The Bachelor Winner, Cheating Scandal Participant?

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The Bachelor season premiere just aired Monday night, but already, rumors are circulating as to who receives the final rose from hunky Dallas airline pilot Jake Pavelka.

We've received some serious intel on the subject, as well as the cheating scandal that allegedly happens this season, and we are inclined to believe most or all of it.

The level of detail, as well as the source reporting the inside information lends these shocking spoilers far more credibility than your standard message board banter.

Jake and Chris

What do Jake Pavelka and Chris Harrison have up their sleeves?

This is, admittedly, all unconfirmed at this stage of the game.

But whether or not it's true, you can't ever fully believe what you see on the show, or discount what you read online. Click here for The Bachelor spoilers, unabridged.

Then follow the jump to see who's involved in the season's big scandal, and who'll be left standing when Jake Pavelka picks his bride-to-be in the coming weeks:

Rozlyn Papa, a 28-year-old single mom, is the woman allegedly involved with a crew member, who was outed after he admitted he had feelings for Rozlyn.

This was considered "inappropriate behavior" and it gets Rozlyn kicked off the show. Whether they actually had inappropriate relations is highly suspect.

The rumor going around is that Rozlyn had a breakdown over not being able to be with her son at home, which the producers made her keep from Jake.

In any case, the final four rose recipients are Tenley, Gia, Ali, and Vienna.

Ali and then Gia are eliminated in that order, after the hometown dates and the romantic overnight dates, leaving Tenley and Vienna as Jake's final twosome.

Vienna Girardi takes home the final rose, according to these spoilers. It's a bit of a shocker in a sense as she would not be considered a favorite right now.

What do you think? Do you believe The Bachelor spoilers you've read here? Do you want to believe them? Chime in with your thoughts and views below!

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Absolute crap. USA TV is SO scripted, edited and FAKE! Rozlyn is telling the truth, and they NEVER should have stopped her for a SECOND from being in contact with her son, that is just disgusting.


I can understand why he would pick Vienna as "the one" over Tenley. Vienna love to laugh and Jake as a lot of fun with her, while on the other hand, it's really more serious with Tenley. I can see Jake being with Vienna on a short term, but she's only 23 and as never been in love before. She's gonna break his heart and I wouldn't be surprised if she would cheat on him later on.
Tenley is the real deal. Yes, she talks a lot about her past relation with her husband, but that women as really been hurt and wants to make sure it doesn't happen again. She would be perfect for Jake on the long run... She's beautiful and she is really more mature than Vienna.
Vienna is not grown up yet, it's obvious just by watching her. Her dad is crazy....Come on Jake, do you really want that in your life ??? Think about your life in 10 yrs... do you really see yourself with her... I don't!
I really hope the spoilers are wrong... cause he will break Tenley's heart, and she doesn't need that... not again. Go Tenley Go :)
As for the next bachelorette... it should be Ali...


Well there everybody goes saying that they like Ali well I liked her too until she started to behave like a child. You will not like another woman competing for the same guy as you, I was not a fan of Vienna but she came on top cause she did not behave like Ali, she stood her ground and did not act like a spoil brat. Who told Ali she would of been the winner, he could of picked any one remember it was his choice. So congrats to Vienna and Ali you are the next bachelorette it's your turn you have full advantage, Good Luck and I think you should tell Vienna sorry. You are an adult and you knew what you came there for there were no guarantees.


So every time I watch the show, of course my husband just "happens to be in the room" so he has to watch it too. He always says "What is wrong with that Vienna girl's eyes?" I think its so funny. I don't want her to win! I think Tenley is such a sweet girl and def is best for Jake... 2nd to Ali!


In the preview for the finale, Vienna and Tenley were both crying, so I think Jake leaves both of them any calls Ali and ends up with her. I love Jake and Ali together. Jake should take Ali back.


I love Vienna,she is real,she speaks her mind and don't bite her words.Jake saw right through Ali,She was hating on Vienna from the start of the show,she where that got her.Tenley is not over her husband,and if Jake pick her he will regret the day he ever set eyes on her.I love Vienna she is a real person compassionate,she has his back and she will love him to the end.Don't be a fool Jake let your heart lead the way to Vienna.


If Jake picks Vienna, then I will truly believe what the millionaire matchmaker always says, "The penis picks the girl."


Ali is great but you can tell by listening to her she is good at nagging. i think Gia is a perfect match for Jake.


How can anyone seriously say that they will not watch the show if he chooses anyone other than whom they feel is right for Jake? This is his own personal decision. Would anyone here want someone making the same claim if you or someone you knew was on this show? This is entertainment for the public and real life for those involved. My goodness gracious, lighten up. There is an off and on button on tv's, make your choice to turn off or leave on, or change the channel. The only people vested are those on the show and their families that have met the bachelor. We all have a say, that's why this site is here. Anything more is just silly. Are you all really serious about stopping watching a show because he doesn't pick who you think he should ? Everyone take care and try to enjoy the rest of the show.
Jake will pick who he feels is right for him.


Ali can't be trusted now......she would keep Jake swing and he wouldn't know where she wouldbe coming from....he doesn't need that.....Vienna is the reel true love...I KNOW THAT JAKE SEES THAT....HE IS NOT BLIND

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