The Lost Supper: Dueling Promo Pics Create Stir, Mystery

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Without revealing any Lost spoilers or showing any clips from season six, ABC has managed to get fans buzzing about what's to come on TV's most engrossing series.

The network has released a pair of new promotional photos, but these aren't just any promotional photos:

They depict characters at the iconic Last Supper table. John Locke is at the center, seemingly playing the role of Jesus, which seems apt for the man of faith, doesn't it?

The Lost Supper
The Lost Supper, Take Two

In the Da Vinci painting of this event, from left to right (in groups of three), the individuals painted are: Bartholomew, James, Andrew; then Judas, Peter and John; then Jesus; then Thomas, James the Greater and Philip; then Matthew, Jude and Simon.

Can you think of any similarities between those icons and the characters shown in their places above?

It's interesting to note that Sayid is sitting in Judas' spot; while he and Ben are wearing blue and green, respectively, the colors that Judas wears in the Da Vinci painting.

What does that mean? Possibly nothing. Possibly everything. That's the beauty of Lost.

Click on the photos to enlarge them and send in your theories today!

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