The Young and the Restless Spoilers: January 11-15

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A new week will being with it a new set of developments on The Young and the Restless. These spoilers will give fans a clear idea of what to expect...

  • Victor returns to Genoa City.
  • Adam's secrets may soon be discovered.
  • The truth comes out about Daisy (Yvonne Zima, pictured) and Ryder.
  • Cane receives a surprising offer from Jill and Tucker.
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does anyone know where i can find episodes from the beginning?


I don't know if this show is a comedy or drama, it is insulting the science, the medical science, the psychiatric science and all the others, how can someone in todays technology change not only person's look, but also the voice that even the spouse get fooled, the exact change of the look to look exactly like someone else is very stupid and most of the things are very fairy stories, how adults can watch the show where kid hardly finish the high school and suddenly becomes the best PI, the show is very poor comedy and absolutely very poor drama. I hope the writers of this show will get our opinion and smarten up - Jiovanny


5-6-10 Your story lines a getting more unreal ea day the emily & patty is obssurd. ryder & daisy needs to be brought to a close, you are making the police look dumb &
we know they are not dumb they would have them caught by now.We are wasting our time watching these dragging on story lines. GET REAL WE ALL KNOW PATTY KILLED ADAM


What is the matter with your writers? This show is becoming more UNREALISTIC by the day. You need to get some of your characters problems solved like adam that is ridiculous and the 2 emily and pauls sister anyone knows this could not happen in a hospital setting. and settle Adams and the Babies of sharon and ashley anyone knows a hospital would not allow this. If you want a show based on unrealistic settings you are headed to loose some of your longtime audience. Thanks hope you do something about this. jle


I don't care what anyone says the roles that these people portray
are things that happen in today's society. Not only that sometimes
these situations are the very things that keep people in bondage to one sin or another and watching may be ones only since of freedom or liberty. Furthermore, those of you that can't seperate
script from real life you don't deserve a program as good as this one. Keep up the good work.


Today I think Eden Noah and Daisy are best friends.


Today I think Jana and Daisy are best friends.


Am I the only one that is excited for Sheila Carter's return?! This show has gone done hill so much, we need some good drama! The Adam/Ashley/Sharon story line is so stupid. And the only time the show is interesting is when Lily/Mac/Cane are not on the show. I used to love Nick, but they are writing his character so poorly. He is always jerking his wife around and trying to control Sharon. For what reason? He's not even trying to proclame love for her just causing a nuisance.


I'm a 26 year watcher. The show is not entertaining any more - it is irritating. Victor can't come back soon enough. Sheila is dead! OK. Now Ryder and Daisy are Kevin's sibs? Ashley and Sharon and the blind guy who can see - are all like comic characters - I agree - no way Ashley doesn't know that she didn't have a baby. What about her body? Phyllis is the homewrecker - that is so true. I have to say though that she is actin her butt off. So is Sharon although I despise her character.


I have been watching the Young & The Restless since the beginning in the 70's. I recorded it while working for..READY FOR THIS...almost 30 years!!! Too old...should not mention that. I have loved every story line from the Foster's and Brook's until now! Great job, traveled all over to see different actors during the times when they appeared at stores and signed pic's. WOW, I would not know what to do without the show. Went to California 3 times in hopes of a friend getting me on the set, he was a friend of Scotty Baldwin. Never hit it at a good time for the set....cried on the plane coming home. SO disappointed. Wow, those were the days....but at 55 I would still be so very honored to see the set and actors. Went to school with Terry Lester, the old Jack. Did get to see him at a high school football game at Southport High, Southport, IN. years ago. Even called his parents home and talked with the maid to see when his flight was coming in.. NO NOT A parents knew who his parent were. Please keep up the great work....we love everyone of you. Now my 83 year old mom lives with me....she is now no longer on her kick of Day's of Our Lives old time fan...she loves the Y&R. Katherine held my girlfriends baby (2 week old) at a mall here in Indy, he is now 33. Oh well, just a brief history of LOVING THE Y&R!!!

The Young and the Restless Quotes

That was Victor's doing. It was purely personal. Believe me, old moneybags is going to eat his words. The magazine is gonna do great, and beauty of nature will be left in the dust.


She didn't lose the baby. The baby was taken from her. And I'll find the person responsible.

Victor Newman