Vienna Girardi Rumored as Winner of The Bachelor

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When we were introduced to Vienna Girardi on the season premiere of The Bachelor, we saw nothing but a spoiled air head of a 23-year old.

But star Jake Pavelka allegedly saw something else: his future wife.

According to a source known as "Reality Steve," the same individual that correctly predicted the Molly/Melissa switcheroo last season, Vienna will emerge as this edition's winner.

Vienna Girardi

What else does Reality Steve claim will happen, based on his connections on the show's set?

  • Ella is sent home on the season's third episode, following a one-on-one date at Sea World.
  • At one point, Jake goes on a date with two women at once. He sends each packing afterward.
  • The final four rose recipients will be Tenley, Gia, Ali, and Vienna. For unknown reasons, Ali bows out after her hometown date.
  • The final trio: Tenley, Gia, and Vienna.

Gia is then eliminated and, on a dramatic finale, Vienna beats out Tenley to win Jake's heart. Will all this actually take place?

We'll be tuning in each week, laughing at the scripted nonsense of it all, to find out!

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Here in Holland was Alli also favourite! You beautiful girl!
But hey, why comments on Jake his choice?!
He have to married hur, not us!
Why this comments, he have to know what he do!
Vienna was absolutely not my choice, but who cares?!
I wish them a lot of luck.


you gise just need to stop.... im fine without jake theres someone out there perfect for me...... oh thnxx booger or who ever you are.... that makes me feel great. you all have someone out there for you and he/she is perfect. leave some comments for me if you have any questions and i will answer them!!!! live your life!! -alli


So they seemed so shocked that people would start bashing Vienna after the found out he picked her? It's REALITY... and... you're on a REALITY show... and you've already been on it once so have to know the scoop, Mr. P. I'm sensing that Mr. Jake is more about making himself a movie star than really truly wanting to find true love... whether he knows it or not. Right after meeting the love of his life in a public forum... finding out they're getting bashed... instead of taking time to let things relax... he goes on Dancing with the Stars? Smart move, Pavy. If he is the old fashioned guy with morals... blah blah blah... why'd he choose such a public and limiting way to find "true love"? If they marry... it won't last... something that Jake claims he wants. But going about it in this way is setting oneself up for failure big time. And as smart as he thinks he is about life and love... he should know this? Jake... after the "heat" wears off and the dust settles, you'll find out who you really picked.


This was my first and last time watching this crappy show...thanks to the 2 douchebags Jake and Vienna


Everyone had nerves to bash Vienna but the truth is she wasn't there to make friends she was there to win Jake and thats what she did so why hate the girl. Not to many people speak there mind most people speak behind peoples back and she stood up for herself. Ali on the other hand is a backstabber I would never have her as a friend and how is she going to be the next bachlerotte when she left Jake for her job. Is her job so forgiving that they are going to let her film and be out of the office again. Vienna may have been a spoiled brat. Ali is no rolemodel


Ali a rolemodel...please...she was really bad with Vienna, how can anyone think she is a rolemodel and I don't get why she is so popular in America.


You all dont even know vienna! its not fair how everyone is bashing her over the internet, its like typical snotty MIDDLE school cliques. stop being imiture.............


im sooo happy that ali is going to be the new bachelorette!!! ali is like my rol-model.
vienna is fine but she doesnt know how to get along with anyone in the house. but i still look up to ali. everyone should be happy for ali.


I picked Vienna from the first night , I loved her because she was truly the most honest woman on the show and so real. Her and Jake made the perfect couple. Congrats Jake and Vienna


This by far, was the worst Bachelor hook up ever. I guess it's all for ratings but I don't blame Jake and Vienna, I blame ABC for casting two very uninteresting, unintelligent and unattractive people. How can any guy resist a woman who is gives up the goods like a $2 hooker? Enjoy your life together. Those kids will be oh so proud of their mama!