Vienna Girardi Rumored as Winner of The Bachelor

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When we were introduced to Vienna Girardi on the season premiere of The Bachelor, we saw nothing but a spoiled air head of a 23-year old.

But star Jake Pavelka allegedly saw something else: his future wife.

According to a source known as "Reality Steve," the same individual that correctly predicted the Molly/Melissa switcheroo last season, Vienna will emerge as this edition's winner.

Vienna Girardi

What else does Reality Steve claim will happen, based on his connections on the show's set?

  • Ella is sent home on the season's third episode, following a one-on-one date at Sea World.
  • At one point, Jake goes on a date with two women at once. He sends each packing afterward.
  • The final four rose recipients will be Tenley, Gia, Ali, and Vienna. For unknown reasons, Ali bows out after her hometown date.
  • The final trio: Tenley, Gia, and Vienna.

Gia is then eliminated and, on a dramatic finale, Vienna beats out Tenley to win Jake's heart. Will all this actually take place?

We'll be tuning in each week, laughing at the scripted nonsense of it all, to find out!

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Vienna is spoiled little girl who has crazy eyes


she better not win! she is so many things.
She is immature, a B*****, A M******* F******,& So much more.
I hope jake does not have that much stupdity.
She is also Munipulative & Ugly.
I wish I could call Jake and tell him about his decision.
Jake Pick Tenely. You'll already have your 1st child cuz she's pregnet.


Tenley deserves to win! I love her. She's so nice. Jake and her would make such a cute couple.


Vienna is a good person! Leave her alone!


I can't stand Vienna. What an obnoxious airhead! Jake is an idiot. I hope he proposes to Vienna and dumps her. Ally is too good for him. Ally doesn't need to be with a man that likes immature sluts. My husband doesn't like Vienna either. He only saw the show for 10 mins and knew he would have chosen Ally or Gia. Vienna is manly looking... Ooops did I just say that? Lol


Well... During the women tell all, we saw Tenley several times during the show, and it seems like she was sitting at the right side of the group of women at the end, when the camera filmed the entire cast... She was wearing a white or cream top... If she's sitting with the other rejected girls, I assumed that she's the last one to be rejected, so Vienna is the winner. Such a big mistake from the production to make it so obvious.


I really hope that the internet-hype turns out to be incorrect. If Jake selects Vienna as the winner, I will be highly disappointed. I truly believe that Vienna is the least deserving of all the women; she seems to be very attention-seeking and inmature. In addition, she is not physically attractive and she comes across as low class. Personally, I think he should have pursued Ali; she seemed like the best fit for him. Vienna, on the other hand, seems like a joke ... I don't see how he could select her from a large pool successful and attractive woman.


Jake is too old for her. She is very young and she will get bored. Oh yeah she'll play house for a while but a 23 year old still likes to party.


I love Tenley! I really hope Jake picks Vienna because the fact that that girl made it this far and he's been kissing all over her just ruins him for me. Vienna is way too selfish and immature for me to imagine anyone wanting to marry, but everyone has there own opinion I suppose.


If so many people question his judgement with vienna, shouldn't we question his JUDGEMENT as a pilot?
Uh....HELLO! Is anyone's light bulb coming on?