Vienna Girardi Rumored as Winner of The Bachelor

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When we were introduced to Vienna Girardi on the season premiere of The Bachelor, we saw nothing but a spoiled air head of a 23-year old.

But star Jake Pavelka allegedly saw something else: his future wife.

According to a source known as "Reality Steve," the same individual that correctly predicted the Molly/Melissa switcheroo last season, Vienna will emerge as this edition's winner.

Vienna Girardi

What else does Reality Steve claim will happen, based on his connections on the show's set?

  • Ella is sent home on the season's third episode, following a one-on-one date at Sea World.
  • At one point, Jake goes on a date with two women at once. He sends each packing afterward.
  • The final four rose recipients will be Tenley, Gia, Ali, and Vienna. For unknown reasons, Ali bows out after her hometown date.
  • The final trio: Tenley, Gia, and Vienna.

Gia is then eliminated and, on a dramatic finale, Vienna beats out Tenley to win Jake's heart. Will all this actually take place?

We'll be tuning in each week, laughing at the scripted nonsense of it all, to find out!

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I honestly think Ali should be Jake's one true love and in the end he will see that and find her. Ali is perfect hands down it's obvious. I think I fell in love with her just watching the show she deserves him more then Vienna


I would love to see Gia win. I think she is so beautiful and so sweet! I thought Ali, but can't believe she chose money over love!


I really think Vienna is alittle to young an immature for him. I mean come on he comes from a very professional family. I don't see her fitting into his life style. An might I ask can someone please tell me what's wrong with her face? Is it her eyes?? I can't figure out if she's cross eyed or her eyes r too close together. Jakes way better than her. I think she is spoiled rotten.....Jake needs someone who's going to be in it for life. I think she there just for fame. An that Florida girl will not make it in Texas!!!


I picked Ali from day one. There is no doubt of how strong their connection was! They fit perfectly together. She had issues with Vienna but who wouldn't. Vienna was a PIA! I'm glad Ali stopped bringing her up and just focused on Jake. I hope that the whole Vienna is a winner is not true. I don't think I could handle that. It was so obvious on numerous episodes that he moved back from her when she kept being so pushy. Ugh. Tenley is sweet but she is definitely not ready to married again. Gia grew on me but she doesn't compare to Ali. I hope Ali comes back and another Ed is pulled! Bring Ali back Jake, Vienna will be the biggest mistake! Anyone but her!


I like Vienna, and believe the first time Jake kissed her he fell in love with her. They make a beautiful couple!


Being a psychologist I have no idea why I have hooked on to this show but I have. Obviously people pick the wrong persons for reasons we may never understand. It may have to do with picking people you know it will never work with because you have intimacy issues. I liked Tinley. But sometimes in life our heart stears us wrong, its not the person that causes the butterflies that you should pick, instead its the nice person with a good heart that may not be all that in the looks department. I waited many years to get married and have married my very best friend. I guess seeing this show lets me know how lucky I am.


I'm shocked. From the first show I picked Tenley as the winner, & she has grown on me every week since. All I can think is that Jake must be very insecure to go for a very immature & needy girl like Vienna who actually says she wants to feel like she & her husband are 6 year-olds! Good luck with that! I have sons her age, & I pray that they have more sense when it comes to picking a life partner.
I noticed Jake didn't like that Ali admits to caring about her career...way too threatening for him, but then again, Ali seems to be very threatened by Vienna.
Tenley seems to be the best of the bunch personaity-wise, so I guess Jake is a boob-man, even if they are fake. Vienna reminds me of the late Carolyn Kennedy, JFK Jr.'s wife in the looks dept., but lacks any of the chic.
Oh well, he's a loser!


I started watching this on the first night. I only watched because I was familiar with Jake from the last Bachelorette show. If it's true that he ends up with Vienna, he truly has not an ounce of judgement regarding girls (notice I didn't say women). Vienna is very self centered, always seems to have a chip on her shoulder and extremely immature. Even my teenage sons said she acts like a psycho! LOL I vow to not ever watch or even begin another Bachelor show is this is type of girl that he picks. I think our Jack Russel has more class than Vienna does? I can relate to Ali as to why he would keep Vienna around as well as herself when these 2 are 180 degrees away on the spectrum. I would have already walked off the show. I'm hoping that's what she does this next week. She can do better off the show. If he is interested in hooking up with Vienna...I would say good riddens and good luck cause he is going to need it!


I like Viernna. I think she's real. Who cares if she's daddys spoiled little girl. Who wouldn't love that? And as far as the implants go, Does it really matter who paid for them, now n days implants are like going a getting a pair of new shoes. If you are only judging her by what you read or see on TV, you have no right to even voice a negative opinion. I hope she's the last one standing. Good Luck Vienna!!!!


uhhh her dad payed for her implants not her ex husband! please people stop making up fake bs..shes one of my good friends and i think id know her life..everyones negative comment is not true at all. every girl was always jealous of vienna because she got everything she wanted from her daddy, and it makes sense now why everyone is still hating.