Vienna Girardi Rumored as Winner of The Bachelor

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When we were introduced to Vienna Girardi on the season premiere of The Bachelor, we saw nothing but a spoiled air head of a 23-year old.

But star Jake Pavelka allegedly saw something else: his future wife.

According to a source known as "Reality Steve," the same individual that correctly predicted the Molly/Melissa switcheroo last season, Vienna will emerge as this edition's winner.

Vienna Girardi

What else does Reality Steve claim will happen, based on his connections on the show's set?

  • Ella is sent home on the season's third episode, following a one-on-one date at Sea World.
  • At one point, Jake goes on a date with two women at once. He sends each packing afterward.
  • The final four rose recipients will be Tenley, Gia, Ali, and Vienna. For unknown reasons, Ali bows out after her hometown date.
  • The final trio: Tenley, Gia, and Vienna.

Gia is then eliminated and, on a dramatic finale, Vienna beats out Tenley to win Jake's heart. Will all this actually take place?

We'll be tuning in each week, laughing at the scripted nonsense of it all, to find out!

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ok first of all you all need to get your facts straight..i graduated with vienna so she definatly has a degree! she isnt poor what so ever! her family is super wealthy and her daddy spoils her, nothing wrong with that! you people act like you know her but u dont..she is super sweet and speaks the truth, i think her and jake will last..she is not a slut! not at all she is very loyal and classy women because thats how she was raised


The girl looks like a man, has no college education, got fake boobs, dresses like high school drop out from the jersey shore, acts needy and doesn't get along with others. If he picked her then he really has incredibly bad taste... then again he IS on a show like the Bachelor and then again, I am actually watching this trash... argh.


If Jake indeeds pick Vienna, I am done watching the Bachelor.
It seems it is more important to get ratings than to "find true love" which is what the show was suppose to be based on.
I just can't see a mature guy like Jake picking an immature and I might add, jealous woman. How will she handle him gone flying planes all over and she won't be able to "hunt" him down like she has on the show when he is with other women.


everyone... stop.... remember the night when he sent the two girls home? and then went to the shows producer and asked to send three? well who was in those 3...? vienna.. second he didnt like the fact that she got in bed with him.. he clearly shows more love with the other girls... and also when gia or whatever was with jake making out.. vienna came.. and while they were there... they never kissed.. so gia got more physical that the one girl who basically in a presitant slut!


she cheated on her ex in highschool with my friends brother all because she wanted to feel loved?


i think that jake is a grown man and know what he want and if its vienna let it be, he is the one thats ganna marry her and has to put up with her


I think Jake could of made a better choice with either tenely or ali. do you really see vienna as jake wife? because i dont


Well I am with the the majority of you and do not like Vienna. But when its all over its Jakes decision and his life. Trust me I want to scream at the TV and tell him he is making the wrong choice. With all the editting who knows what Vienna is really like. It is a TV show and the ratings need to be good, so who really knows. I myself just wish I didnt read the scoop on reality Steve and it would all be a surprise.


Number one let me point out this is a quote unquote "reality tv show" we all know that most of the stuff we see is scripted! Number two we all know that the chances of this show actually providing a long a happy relationship are slim to none. Number three everyone is entitled to their opinions. Number four any woman who would sneek into bed with a man just to get his attention is a trashy hoe! But who knows what goes on in the other say 23 or so hours a day that aren't taped that we don't see. I am like most of you on here and don't like big nose, fake hair, big teeth, bad smile, slutty Vienna. But if he chooses her there isn't a whole lot we can do about it! We can all laugh like hell though when the magazines come out and talk about their terrible break-up like so many before them. This show has become so fake and most of the girls that have gone on there are just wanting their 5 minutes of fame in the spot light!


Well if he really does pick Vienna that relantionship will not last.....She is not the one for him she is fake and a major daddy's girl. He will realize that he should have pick tenley.